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For customers with short-term capital needs, Margin Trading Service T+ Package offers super-low interest rates for a set period of time based on each registered option in order to get maximum profits from trading.

Features of Margin Trading Service T+ Package:

  • Customers enjoy super-low interest rates in “n” working days for each loan corresponding to each margin loan T+n package.
  • If the loan is extended, the overdue interest rate will be higher from the time of extension.
  • Customers may select Auto-renewal or Automatic sale of loan securities to automatically process the expired loan.





Loan term

3 days

5 days

7 days

Interest rate




Overdue interest rate

0.032935% per day

0.033870% per day

0.034805% per day

Customers may settle the loan or extend it with the same rules subject to the standard margin contract.

Loans will be charged interest rates starting from the date the securities are purchased, with a minimum interest of VND30,000 per loan.

Margin Trading options available for customers:

  • Margin T+3 option: The margin loan carries the preferential interest rate in 3 days
  • Margin T+5 option: The margin loan carries the preferential interest rate in 5 days
  • Margin T+7 option: The margin loan carries the preferential interest rate in 7 days

Using Margin Trading T+ package, customers may choose one of the two automatic processing methods at the end of the T+n trading day if margin contract has not been settled:

- Automatically extend the loan for a new term of three (03) months if the securities ticker bought on margin is still in FPTS's given list of marginable securities and the accumulated interest will be added to the principal amount. The overdue interest rate will be applied after the contract is renewed.

- Automatically sell and process all remaining securities as loan collateral.

Customers may easily register, change or cancel their contract via FPTS stock trading applications (EzTrade and EzMobileTrading) or at FPTS counters. Changes made during a trading session take effect immediately and apply to all Contracts on that trading day.

For more instructions about Margin Trading T+ Service, please see here.