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What is EzMobileTrading?

At present, FPTS’s web-based online stock trading (EzTrade) is already very convenient. But, the matter is how investors who cannot always sit before the computer display can watch market developments and trade stocks as they do before the computer. EzMobileTrading is the key to this matter. EzMobileTrading, a very friendly, intuitive application, helps you keep track of the market and perform stock trading anytime, anywhere from your mobile devices.

What are EzMobileTrading remarkable features?

With EzMobileTrading, you can use most of EzTrade features, including:

- Track portfolios around the clock

- View the intuitive price board with different price rates, continuously updated stock indices of Vietnam and the world

- Customize the technical chart: Provide a full range of support tools, technical analysis indicators for you to freely customize your chart types with different timeframes.

- Place the order quickly and easily: Select the price and quantity with just one touch. Integrated with one-time trading password for an entire login session helps you place orders very, very fast.

- Transfer money quickly and conveniently with just a few touches.

- Deeply integrate margin trading options such as securities mortgage, contract extension and loan repayment into the application, helping you manage margin account conveniently.

- Manage transaction history more easily with the transaction history reporting system.

Please install and use EzMobileTrading to discover other interesting experiences. Click here to view the EzMobileTrading User Guide.

This application is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

To use EzMobileTrading on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), please click here to download and install the application.

For Android devices (smartphones and tablets made by Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc.), please click here to download and install the application.