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The derivatives market is changing by nature. You always need a tool to have an upper hand in this changing market.

EzMobileFutures is a mobile application enabling you to track the market and your account position at a glance. No matter how experienced you are, you will surely feel it easy, secure and accurate when you trade your assets with EzMobileFutures.

Not only being designed with a host of superior features to its peers, EzMobileFutures application is still very friendly and easy to use for investors:

- Open and close positions quickly

- Intuitive and real-time price board

- Full technical chart indicators

- Quick and easy money transfer

- Real-time account information

Please install and use EzMobileFutures application to discover and experience superior features of futures trading.

To see detailed Instruction on EzMobileFutures, please click here.

This application is available on the Apple App Store or iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

To use EzMobileFutures on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), please click here to download and install the application.

For Android devices (smartphones and tablets made by Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, etc.), please click here to download and install the application.