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If I forget my online trading password, how can I retrieve it?

In case you forget your login password, please follow the steps below to recover your password:

Method 1: You still remember your account number and your registered email address, please click on the “Forgot password” button on the login screen of EzTrade, an advanced online trading vehicle of FPTS.

Enter required information into the required fields such as account number and ID number. The password will be sent to the email you officially registered with FPTS.

Method 2: If you cannot remember your account information, please contact with the FPTS Customer Service Department for assistance.

How should I do when the website encounters error, displays incorrectly or displays old information?

If the website encounters errors, displays incorrectly or does not display updated information, please try to clear your browser’s cache by following the steps below (You should use Google Chrome for best experiences).

Note: The cache clearance may take a while, depending on the cache size.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete combination on the keyboard to open the cache clearance dialog.

Step 2: Choose what you want to delete and click “Clear Data” button

Then, please sign out and log in your FPTS account again or press F5 on the function keyboard row.

If this method does not work, please contact with the FPTS Customer Service Department for assistance.

How can I transfer money from my securities trading account to the other person’s bank account or use it to settle payment for other purposes?

To do so, you must use your user authentication device - Token Card to register the money transfer option - Transfer money to unlimited beneficiaries.

Then, you can transfer money from your securities trading account to the other person’s bank account or use it to pay electricity and water bills. You can buy Token Card at the FPTS Head Office/Branches/Transaction Offices.

What should I do when I mistakenly entered wrong/insufficient contents in my money transfer order that I want to deposit money into my securities account?

1. In case you entered wrong/insufficient information on one of two money deposit/transfer contents: Securities trading account number or full name of accountholder, you should conduct a transaction check. Please click here to follow correction steps.

2.In case you entered wrong/insufficient information on both securities trading account number and full name of accountholder in money deposit/transfer content, you should conduct a transaction check. Please click here to follow correction steps.

I intended to deposit money into my securities transaction account but I mistakenly transferred it to other specialized account of FPTS (margin account, auction account, rights-exercising account, etc.), what should I do?

In case you needed to deposit/transfer money into your underlying securities account but you mistakenly deposited/transferred it into FPTS’s specialized account (payment account, auction account, rights-exercising account, etc.), you necessarily conduct a money transfer transaction check with the instruction steps below.

♦ Method 1Check at FPTS Head Office/Branches

- Step 1: Complete the Request for Content Check, using the provided form here

- Step 2: Send the hard copy of Request for Content Check together with original money transfer/deposit proof or account statement verified by the bank at the service to the Accounting Department at the FPTS Head Office/Branches.

- Step 3: FPTS will refund the money into your securities trading account.

♦ Method 2: Remote check

- Step 1:  Take pictures of the proof of deposit/money transfer screenshot/transfer slip/bank account statement

- Step 2: Use your email registered with FPTS to send the photo to, attached with proof of deposit/money transfer screenshot/transfer slip/bank account statement to correct the account information

How can I keep trading securities if I lost my Token Card?

If you lost your Token Card, please contact and inform the Customer Service Department of your Token Card loss to lock it. If you meet security identity requirements, FPTS will issue a static password for you to keep on securities trading. Then, you should go to the FPTS Head Office/Branches/Transaction Offices to buy a new Token Card. (Note: FPTS will only hand Token Card to the very accountholder.)

How can I use Margin Trading Services at FPTS? How many kinds of margin trading does FPTS have?

To use Margin Trading Service at FPTS, you need to go to the FPTS Head Office/Branches/Transaction Offices.

Margin Trading is a service in which FPTS lends money to you under the current regulations on margin trading of the Ministry of Finance and the State Securities Commission. Using Margin Trading Service, you can borrow capital from FPTS, using the securities purchased or shares available on your account as collaterals.

FPTS’ Margin Trading Services include EzMargin, EzMortgage and EzMargin Pro.

EzMargin allows you to purchase securities with a part of your own cash and a part covered by FPTS. The shares purchased shall be used as the collateral for margin loans.

Example: When you have VND60 million available for trading on your account, you can place a margin trading order to buy ACB shares for VND100 million. If your order is fully traded, FPTS will lend you VND40 million as a result. (given the predefined margin lending ratio applied to ACB is 40%).

EzMorgage allows you to use securities available on your account or purchased securities pending for clearing payment to borrow money from FPTS.

Example: You can use 4,000 HPG shares worth VND100 million (not used as collateral to other loans) to pledge/secure a loan of VND40 million from FPTS (assuming that the lending ratio for HPG is 40%). With this VND40 million loan, you can also use EzMargin to buy securities on margin with a total deal value of VND66.66 million (VND26.66 million is leveraged by margin loan).

EzMarginPro is a margin trading service of FPTS where you are provided with financial leverage based on the overall buying power of your entire accounts. Security assets for the loan are your entire cash, money in transit and all securities available on your account.

What should I take note when I conduct normal margin trading (EzMargin) at FPTS?

When you want to perform margin trading at FPTS, please note the following issues:

  1. Pledge securities, payment and extension of margin contract time

Time: 00:00 - 16:30 on the trading day

  1. Daily payment settlement

If you want to settle daily payment settlement within the day you sell securities of certain margin contracts, you are recommended to settle the loan repayment before you place the selling order.

  1. Pledge securities in transit

The stock you bought yesterday (T+1 day) have not come to your account and this stock is eligible for margin loan at FPTS, you can mortgage it once. After you complete mortgaging this stock, you have no demand to use the money you get from mortgaging this stock anymore and settle your margin loans, you cannot mortgage it again until securities have been paid to your account.

  1. Warning threshold, handling threshold and automatic liquidation of margin contract

- Warning threshold: Whenever the lending ratio increases by 10% from the initial ratio (the ratio on the day of margin trading).

- Handling threshold: When the lending ratio increases by 15% from the initial loan ratio

- Case of automatic forced liquidation of margin contract: After the margin contract falls into the Handling threshold two consecutive working days and you fail to make an adequate repayment to bring your margin ratio below the Handling threshold; Margin contracts are overdue for two working days.

  1. EzMarginPro loan interest

- Interests on EzMarginPro loans will be collected on the 25th day of every month (or on the next working day to such day if it falls on weekend/holiday)

I cannot keep watching the price board. I do not know whether FPTS has a trade trigger service or so to support me to stop loss or take a profit when my stock reaches a target price?

FPTS provides the feature "Place Conditional Orders" (EzStoploss) to help investors to predetermine the conditions of taking profit and stop loss automatically when the market price meets the triggering conditions.

  • FPTS will activate a customer's conditional order when the market price (Last matching price or closing price) of that ticker meets the conditional price of the order.
  • Conditional orders can be activated right in the trading session or when FPTS starts to receive orders for the trading day (usually 19:00 on the previous trading day).
  • The order can be activated only 01 (one) time and only within 03 months from the date of placing the order.

For more information about the service, please refer to EzStopLoss User Guide here.

How can I authorize an attorney to trade securities at FPTS on my behalf?

According to the Circular No. 74/2011/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance and the Official Letter No. 2327/UBCK-PTTT of the State Securities Commission guiding the enforcement of the Circular 74/2011/TT-BTC: Authorization for securities trading from August 1, 2011 must be made in the form of an Authorization Agreement and notarized in accordance with the law.

Then, if you want to authorize another person to perform transactions on your securities account at FPTS, please following the instruction below:

You and your authorized person or attorney bring the Securities Account Opening Agreement at FPTS (or Certificate of Securities trading Account Number at FPTS), Identity Card or Citizenship Card to the Notary Office to grant authorization (for Power of Attorney, please click here).