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Before you decide to make a decision on buying/selling a stock, you sometimes need more information about the current supply and demand of that stock on the market. On an ordinary stock board, the information you find is relatively narrow. We understand your needs and provide you a powerful tool to be more confident in stock trading, that is, HNX Pro Stock Board. In addition to information and features you found in an ordinary stock board, the HNX Pro Stock Board has extra outstanding advantages below:

  • Provide 10 best bid prices and ask prices at a time;
  • Full information about total buying/selling orders and total buying/selling volume;
  • Calculate the average volume of a buying/selling order;
  • Enable users to customize the interface.

To learn more about features of this advanced stock, please click here to see the Instruction on HNX-Pro Stock Board or experience it from here.

♦ Note:

  • This stock board is exclusively provided for customers having stock trading accounts at FPTS. Therefore, you need to use your account to log in to use it.
  • Due to limited availability of data, our HNX Pro Stock Board only covers listed stocks and stocks trading on UPCoM administered by HNX.