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When should you place a trade trigger order?

You want to buy or sell shares at a certain price but you cannot keep watching the stock quotes or price board frequently enough? EzStopLoss Conditional Order, an innovative utility of FPTS, will help you to buy or sell shares at a price you want.

How does EzStoploss work? 

You firstly need to make clear that the order you will place is for selling the stock for profit, selling it to stop loss or buy it at a given price. Then, you enter order-activating conditions and other details for your order.

EzStopLoss conditional orders will be automatically check for trigger criteria during the trading session or at the time FPTS starts receiving pre-orders for the next trading day. If all conditions are met, your orders will be activated and sent to the FPTS system.

For more information about the service, please refer to EzStopLoss Conditional Order User Guide.