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What is your need for cash?

You are looking to transfer money from your securities account but you cannot go to FPTS Offices to perform your money transfer. You may wish to transfer money to:

  • Your own account or other’s account at bank;
  • Your account to place a deposit for buying securities at an auction at FPTS;
  • Your account to exercise your rights to buy shares in a seasoned issue, etc.

To do these, instead of going to FPTS Offices to conduct your money transfer over the counter, you just need to use our Online Money Transfer Service - EzTransfer.

What does EzTransfer help you?

With just a computer or a mobile device connected to the internet, you can place money transfer orders 24 hours a day in seven days a week. Everything is simple and quick with EzTransfer.

You can rest assured that our money transfer orders are secure and safe with two-factor password authentication.

Specially, FPTS does not collect any for using the EzTransfer Service. All you pay is the money transfer fee charged by the bank of the service.

To you this service, you just need to open an account at FPTS and register EzTransfer service. For detailed information about the EzTransfer Service, please see the Instruction on EzTransfer.

♦ Note:

- If you are using the user authentication device - Token Card, you can place orders to transfer money to any accounts at any banks within the territory of Vietnam.

- If you do not have Token Card, you can only place money transfer orders to the account in the name of you or your authorized person.