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Identified Account VPBank

Instructions on depositing money into stock account via FPTS' Identified Account

Investor Transfer from any Bank:

Money transfer method:

Step 1: Log in to Digital Bank (via app or website)

Step 2: Select “Napas 247 Quick Money Transfer/Interbank Money Transfer” to Account Number

Step 3: Enter the following information at the money transfer screen:

- Beneficiary bank: VPBANK - Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank - Head Office Branch

- Beneficiary account number: 058C[xxxxxx] (xxxxxx the securities account number of the Investor at FPTS)

- Name of beneficiary: Name of the securities account holder at FPTS

- Amount: Enter the amount of money you need to pay

- Content: NTTK 058C[xxxxxx] of NGUYEN VAN A

Step 4: Review the transfer information at the confirmation screen

Step 5: Enter the OTP code to confirm and complete the money transfer

FPTS will increase the corresponding amount on the securities account at FPTS of the Investor.

*The maximum payment amount depends on your maximum transaction limit of one day according to your account at the bank, for example VND1 billion, VND5 billion and VND10 billion


- If you transfer money on Digital Bank via Napas 247 Quick Transfer of any bank (interbank), the system will automatically return the ID of the account holder at the confirmation screen.

- If you transfer money via the Interbank Transfer or at the Transaction Counter, the Payer needs to actively declare the Beneficiary Account Name as the name of the Securities Account holder at FPTS.

Illustrations of transaction screens:

Example: Customer Nguyen Van A, has a securities account number 058C123456, depositing VND100,000,000 on any banking application