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Business Planning

Business planning is an important governance tool for every company. This covers all information, strategies and future plans of the company, clear business directions for each period of time, market and competitor analysis, and reasonable tactics for making a complete series of perfect business improvement plans for the company to make best business decisions.

Business planning is a crucial work enabling the company to have a holistic and inclusive view of its business roadmap based on which the company will capably assess the rationality of every plan before it is launched, before it starts a fundraising round or before it meets and persuades its partners. Nevertheless, a self-made business plan may take a lot of time and commit unnecessary mistakes.

Staffed by top-notch dedicated specialists and professionals who graduated from first-class domestic and foreign financial universities and have gained profound professional experience during their service for international and Vietnamese financial institutions, FPTS provides your company with an effective, quality in-depth business planning service.

Using the Business Planning Advisory Service of FPTS, your company will achieve two following targets:

Internal affairs

  • Equip its members with the corporate vision towards the common goals
  • Direct operations and methods for carrying out business plans in each stage
  • Comprehend its strengths and weaknesses as well as the business environment to have the best development path

External affairs

  • Provide its partners with a business plan that demonstrates its professionalism, seriousness and clear direction, thus enhancing its attractiveness to big partners to establish business cooperation and invest in the company
  • A good business plan will give the company an easier access to credit sources from financial institutions.

* For any further support, please contact the Corporate Finance Advisory Department