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Due Diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive and in-depth research of a company before making investment, merger and acquisition (M&A) decisions. This activity is crucial to the success of investment and M&A deals because it provides necessary information for investors to have the most accurate assessment of business performance, financial quality and legitimacy of the researched entity, best identify opportunities and risks that are present and latent, and accurately assess M&A deals.

Due diligence is as an effective tool for investors to make objective assessments and comparisons on corporate risks and opportunities that may affect investment and M&A decisions

From undeniable benefits of due diligence in decision making, FPTS is committed to providing best products for a full (or limited) financial due diligence, commercial due diligence, legal due diligence, tax due diligence and other specific due diligence services, thus helping investors make successful investment and M&A deals. Besides, we advise risk management solutions with our true experience in due diligence and corporate governance to help you achieve your desirable success.

Using our Due Diligence Service, your company will get full or limited due diligence results on the following main contents:

  • Financial Due Diligence: Analyze, review and assess asset quality, liabilities, incomes and expenses, cash flows, and internal controls to ensure the highest possible reliability of financial data of the company.
  • Commercial Due Diligence: Analyze and assess the current business environment, customers, competitors, assumptions used in making business plans and financial forecasts; effectively support financial due diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence: Study and review legal information, detect legal loopholes, and assess legal risks
  • Tax Due Diligence: Understand errors and omissions in tax declaration and payment; assess and quantify tax risks
  • Other due diligence: Based on specific requirements from your company.

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Business Valuation

Business valuation is central to merger and acquisition, business ownership change/equitization and securities issuance among other corporate activities.

Business valuation is governed by various elements, including personal factors of the valuer, which may lead to falsified, biased results that distort valuation information. Business valuation needs to be performed by independent and professional valuers. The Business Valuation Advisory Service will be a useful solution to make reliable and objective enterprise value, thus helping your company reduce time and cost of carrying out transactions.

Staffed by experienced and ethical professionals, FPTS is always ready to provide your company with the most professional and reliable business valuation service.

Using our Business Valuation Advisory Service, your business will get best-in-class business valuation consultations in the key following aspects

  • FPTS provides a completely objective and unbiased business valuation service for your company.
  • Enterprise value is determined by FPTS with scientific and clear methodologies like discounted cash flow, asset-based valuation and comparison.
  • Based on a reliable input database and thorough analysis, FPTS will provide output data on enterprise value, helping your company to have useful quantitative information for such matters as M&A, equitization and securities issuance.

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M&A Advisory

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can help the buyer to quickly increase its assets, meet development demands, expand and occupy the market and diversify business operations while helping the seller to divest its portfolio and shift to a better business field. However, M&As also pose huge risks that may negatively affect the company after it completes M&A deal. This presents intense pressures to M&A parties.

The M&A process undergoes many complicated stages that require a thorough comprehension, assessment and analysis in many aspects like selecting M&A partners, working with legal procedures, conducting financial due diligence, valuing and analyzing markets, market shares and customer base, and controlling stock transactions. For that reason, M&A parties face a lot of difficulties and spend time and cost if they carry out all M&A stages on their own. Using the M&A advisory service is an option for your company to execute M&A deals quickly, avoid unnecessary risks, reduce relevant costs and increase the chance of success.

Using our M&A Advisory Service, your company will get best-in-class services that come to your very expectations.

  • With our M&A Advisory Service, your company will have best decisions and solutions to achieve your M&A deals, starting from partner selection, due diligence, business valuation, negotiations for memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing and deal terms negotiation to final M&A procedures.
  • FPTS will support your company from legal basis to deal-making, help your company understand more about the law, take right actions and steps, and keep the acquired company to perform well.

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