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Shareholding Management Advisory and EzLink Solution

1. Benefits

One, EzLink meets shareholders’ needs like looking up and changing personal information, controlling and keeping track of balance, transaction history in given periods via the online account system. In addition, shareholders can place advertising orders to sell/buy securities online, thus helping the company increase liquidity. As for shareholders subject to information disclosure on stock trading, EzLink supports creating lawful reporting forms, thus avoid the risk of being fined for information disclosure violations.

Two, EzLink helps customer companies update all shareholder information by powering them with an online management reporting system: Updated shareholder list report, share transfer report, ownership structure report, foreign ownership report and shareholder structure report to avoid the risk of being taken over.

Three, EzLink supports customer companies to manage corporate actions (the right to attend shareholders meeting, the right to receive dividends, the right to buy shares in a seasoned issue, etc.) in a swift and accurate manner, thus saving the time and cost for distributing shareholder rights, sending invitations on attendance to the General Meeting of Shareholders and closing the shareholder list for securities depository and listing.

Four, EzLink strengthens linkage and interaction between the issuer and its shareholders via the emailing and SMS notification service where every shareholder will get noticed whenever the issuer needs to. EzLink together with other online services for issuing organizations like EzGSM (Online Shareholder Meeting Service) and EzSearch (Online Information Service) will be useful instruments for companies to manage and interact with shareholders in a public, transparent, effective and economical manner.

Five, FPTS, staffed by a powerful force of experienced depository and shareholding specialists and top-notch corporate governance advisors, will carry out share transfer procedures in a swift and accurate manner and advice on mandatory information disclosure for insider trading. In addition, corporate governance advisors are always ready and willing to give advice on investor relations strategy and effective shareholder structure among other factors.

The EzLink Online Shareholding Management Service is the optimal solution for companies to manage shareholders at a cost only equal to 10% of expense for hiring a full-time employee to do this work.

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2. Services

a. Shareholding management for depository-unregistered companies

  • Work on behalf of customers to carry out share transfer procedures;
  • Update, manage and monitor shareholder information and shareholder list, provide shareholder upon the request of customers;
  • Provide an access account system for shareholders and issuers to look up and manage their information.

b. Shareholding management for depository-registered companies

  • Manage the list of shareholders subject to restricted share transfer (if any) and advise on the order of procedures for releasing restricted shares sent to the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD
  • Get customers’ authorization on shareholder information changes which will be submitted to the VSD;
  • Print stock certificates, deliver stock certificates to shareholders, and pay cash dividend to shareholders.

* For any further support, please contact the Corporate Finance Advisory Department