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Shareholder Meeting Organization Advisory and EzGSM Solution

Shareholder Meeting Organization Advisory and EzGSM Solution

1. Benefits

a. For companies (issuers of shares)

- Have advice on organization and support in the process of the Meeting, conducted by specialists with profound knowledge of law and corporate governance to make sure that the Meeting is carried out according to the Law on Enterprises.

- Control the number of shareholders and proxies registering for attendance to the Meeting, thus increasing the chance of success of the Meeting;

- Reduce expense and personnel in the process of organizing the Meeting from attendant check-in to vote counting with accurate results;

- Reduce “burdens” on preparing facilities for the Meeting

b. For shareholders

- Shareholders who cannot attend the Meeting in person, they can still watch the progress of the Meeting from the website wherever they are.

- Exercise the right of voting/electing anywhere.

- The EzGSM system supports the bilingual information in English - Vietnamese for domestic and foreign shareholders to easily monitor and vote on issues at the General Meeting.

2. Services

a. Advising General Shareholder Meeting Organization

  • This service covers answering questions about order and necessary legal procedures of a General Shareholders’ Meeting, supporting drafting and proofreading Meeting documents, advising on issues emerging in the process of the Meeting, and supporting mandatory Meeting information disclosure.

b. Providing EzGSM - Online General Shareholder Meeting Organization Solution

  • EzGSM offers a technological utility that enables shareholders to attend the Meeting by casting an electronic vote, thus helping the company to increase the shareholder attendance while reducing Meeting expenses.
  • EzGSM can also support the company to organize General Shareholders’ Meeting with specialized solutions such as moderating the Meeting, managing authorization information, checking attendants, conducting voting and election and counting votes.

c. Meeting Facility Support

  • FPTS provides the customer company with an ideal modern-furnished venue for the General Shareholders’ Meeting:
    • Conference room with a holding capacity of nearly 200 seats, specifically designed for General Shareholders’ Meeting
    • Modern sound and lighting devices, projectors and meeting livestream. Personnel support (e.g. receptionists and technicians)
    • Convenient traffic access, spacious parking lot for cars, motorbikes (free of charge) and tea break/party (at request)

For more information about EzGSM - Online General Shareholder Meeting Organization Solution, please click here.

* For any further support, please contact the Corporate Finance Advisory Department