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HR Management Advisory and EzHRM Solution

1. Benefits

- Customers are advised on professional skills such as Recruitment, Training, Staff Management (employment contract, salary and bonus calculation, insurance, etc.) in a lawful, effective and consistent manner between human resource management process of the company with the EzHRM human resource management system.

- The deployment of the EzHRM human resource management system helps customer companies solve HRM problems for various users in the company:

  • Leadership: With an advanced work and administration reporting system, the leadership easily grasps personnel status across the company and in every unit to make timely policies changes so as to make its personnel work perfectly.
  • Human resource unit: EzHRM enables the HR management unit to administer every personnel information of the company professionally and effectively throughout the HR process, from recruitment, training, staff employee management, payroll, bonus, income, insurance and personal income tax settlement to resignation. EzHRM is an automatic, accurate payroll tool, a powerful prompter of employment contract maturity and is an effective vehicle for internal communication and information sharing among employees.
  • Employee: Each employee is granted an access account which allows him/her to look up his/her personal information, salary and bonus, income, tax and insurance, to file personal leave request online, and to quickly capture internal information and policies of the company.

2. Service process

- The EzHRM human resource management system is deployed with four following steps:

  • Conduct practical surveys and assess personnel management demand at the customer company
  • Give advice and install the system
  • Train operations and guide users
  • Operate and maintain the system

- Provide EzHRM software license. After installing the system, FPTS will provide the customer with a copyright license and a set of documents: Operation Process, Forms, and User Guide.

* For any further support, please contact the Corporate Finance Advisory Department